9022 Győr, Kenyér köz 4. (Jedlik Ányos u. 9.)
+36 20/ 925 3655 ; +36 96/ 618 000 - info@promenadhotelgyor.hu
guaranteed minimum prices



Reservation may be requested in mail, through fax, email or personally at the reception.
Reservations become effective in each case only after being confirmed in writing.

For special periods we are able to guar-antee reservations only after receiving an advance payment. The amount of the advance payment is: the accommodation fee of one night.
Please transfer the advance money within 3 working days after reservation.
You may pay advance money even when paying with SZÉP card. Please contact our colleagues for the details.


Our clients have to submit their cancellations to us in writing in each case.

It is possible to cancel reservation 2 days before arrival without any penalty li-ability. If cancellation is submitted within 2 days before arrival (or in the case of “non appearance”), our client has to pay a penalty corresponding to the room price of 1 night.

If our guest arrives within the confirmed period of stay on a later day or if he/she leaves earlier, then he/she is obliged to pay the accommodation cost due for the complete period.