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Programs in Győr

Rába Quelle Spa, Thermal and Adventure Bath

Rába Quelle Spa, Thermal and Adventure BathThe Spa and Adventure Bath located at a 10 minute walk from the Hotel offers a whole-day pleasant recreation for each member of the family.

The adventure bath awaits its guests with 5 pools and 2 chutes. Saunas, steam cabins, bubble baths and different massages facilitate to complete relaxation and regeneration.

Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Center

Mobilis Interactive Exhibition CenterThis center is located at a distance of 15 minutes walk from the Hotel.
Imagine a place, where with the aid of 74 extremely exciting devices you may gain insight into the world of the physics of vehicle production and movement, where you may enjoy viewing entertaining and spectacular science shows each day on several occasions, where you yourself may do arbitrary experiments, where physics and chemistry is nothing else, but only happiness and laugh!

Zoo Xantus János

Zoo Xantus JánosThe Wildlife Park and Zoo of Győr is located at a 7 minutes car drive from our Hotel. It may be also easily approached with local bus transport.
At the zoo the complete family may spend half a day pleasantly with participating in spectacular animal feeding, animal petting and festive programs.
Many ring tailed lemurs, chimpanzees, zebras, giraffes, lions, tigers, reptiles and birds await the children and their parents.

Füles Bastion

Füles BastionFüles Bastion is a casemate located in the heart of the downtown, 2 streets away from our Hotel, where people interested may get acquainted with the biology of the tropical rainforests.
You may have a glance at the rich biology of the drainage basin of the Ama-zonas. Visitors are welcome here by boas, marmosets, caimans and colourful fishes. The everyday activity of the leaf-cutting ants can be observed from a close distance. Spectacular animal feeding events and touching some friendly species enrich the program.
In addition to this the fortress of Győr and the original condition of the bastion may be also viewed on posters displayed in the casemate.

Vaskakas-puppet theater

Vaskakas-puppet theaterThe Vaskakas puppet theater begins this year its 23. years in Győr.

In the last years each member of the theater get the award of the Actor I.

The theater belongs to the best theaters in Hungary.

Richter Hall

Richter HallThe Richter Hall hosts among others the Philharmonic Orchestra of Győr

Ballet of Győr
National Theatre of Győr
Ice-rink of Győr   

Rába Adventure Park

Rába Adventure ParkThe adventure park is situated next to the Széchenyi István University, in Pöspök-forest. The park is opened till June in 2013.      

MeXtrém Park

The Mextrem Park has 2000m2 for the entartainment of the children. The park is located in the ETO Park, so it is open in summer and winter, too. The adventurepark is waiting for their guests with a lot of opportunities, for example with rope-railways, with more than 30 elements.