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Programs in the neighbourhood of Győr

Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma (20 km)

The building complex of the abbey and its surroundings are a part of the World Heritage. The guests accompanied by a guide may visit the church, the cloister and the library. Thanks to the revival of the vinery and wine cultivation tradi-tions of the abbey, visitors may also taste in the Abbey Winery the well known products of the wine region of Pannonhalma - Sokoróalja.
In the summer evenings a jazz-terrace makes the program more colourful.

Bishop Forest (2 km)

It is a beloved place for excursions. Along the 9 km long walking path there are well maintained clearings, fire places, a physical exercise forest track as well as chutes, swings and jungle gym facilities awaiting the visitors.
The study trail located within the Bishop Forest introduces the biological community of the forest in its natural environment, and its characteristic plants and animals are also presented in detail on information boards as well.

Rába Oxbow Lake Study Trail (10 km)

This study trail supplied with road signs, rest places, information boards and observation towers introduces the fauna and flora of the Rába Oxbow Lake to the visitors interested in the beauties of nature. Visitors may walk along the 6 km long trail located in the border region of Gyirmót by foot; however a section of it may be also used with bicycles. Ibises, sandpipers and blooming orchids and rare and beautiful iris may be seen here in springtime. During summertime nesting birds, while in the autumn migrating birds, black storks and white tailed eagles may be observed here. Detailed information boards assist the visitors in finding their way in the nature.

Horse ranches

There are several horse ranches in Győr and its vicinity offering pleasant recreation.

Water skiing field of Ikrény (7 km)

Wine cellars (10-20 km)

Visiting the wine cellars of the family vinery estates located in the region of Győr accompanied with wine tasting also promises a pleasant pastime at the end of an light walk.

Airport Pér (20 km)

The Airport of Pér offers a special adventure. Visitors may participate in sightseeing flights and sky diving here.

Szigetköz /Little Rye Island/ (20-50 km)

This is one of the most beautiful landscape units of Hungary. It offers meaningful and pleasant recreation for the lovers of water tours, cycling and fishing. The greatest attraction of the region is its rich and diverse wildlife.